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Wave Culture

We play all the best/new urban and hip-hop tracks on the charts right now. The show is not just about the music, but about the craic Emman and I have with you. We cover a range of different interactive segments on the show that our you can get involved in such as: 


Shannon Can Help: Helping you out with any #CantCope situations. 


10 Questions: Emman and I go head to head and try guess which Celebrity the other is talking about within 10 questions. The listeners at home get to play along by being with #TeamShannon or #TeamEmman. Whoever loses must do a forfeit of your choice. 


Freaky Friday: Were we talk about something freaky that has happened to us or something freaky that we have seen or heard. 


Get involved and stay posted on our Facebook – Wave Culture 


As well as the bants, we fill you in on all the latest showbiz gossip, front page news and have weekly chats with new and up coming artists.   


Are you a singer, comedian, actor or rapper and want to come in for the chats? 

Email – 


Fabu D

26th November 2017

Fabu D Facebook Comedian David Omotade aka Fabu D Stop by RTE Pulse to have a chat with Emman Idama and Shannon Keenan on Wave Culture. Listen [...]