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Stephen Murphy

Part of the explosion of Irish DJs who emerged during the 2015-2016 season, Stephen Murphy kicked off his career in a high-profile way, first remixing ‘Justin Bieber – Love Yourself’ which reached over 1 million streams on Facebook/Youtube, also being featured in a Facebook post with over 9 million streams.


The then-17-year-old Producer spent 2015-2016 remixing popular chart songs which now have over millions of streams on Youtube and have gained him a massive following online, holding 25,000 Facebook and 24,000 Soundcloud followers


Mid 2016 began his DJ shows. With his first show in Cyprus Avenue Cork selling out, this was repeated for 3 more shows in this venue, due to this success Stephen has gone on to play in the biggest clubs in Ireland, Sin Nightclub Dublin, Habitat Limerick and Elk Nightclub Belfast are just to name a few.


//Stephen Murphy on RTÉ Pulse – Sundays 12pm//

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