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Dj Wax

DJ Wax is considered one of the best DJs/Producers in Ireland. He has developed a unique sound and style that has inspired countless nights around Ireland. 

The Dublin based DJ/Producer has followed his passion for music and expanding his talent for more than 10 years. He began as a Club DJ at Dublin’s Sin nightclub and then went on to bigger things. Wax has been one of Ireland’s most influential DJs for many years, earning him the invitation to perform at Irelands biggest festivals, Forbidden Fruit & Electric Picnic.

Wax intuitively works a room with his creative mixing, scratching and programming style. Wax continue to influence and shape Modern music, creating the sound of the past, present and future, remixing, re-editing and finding those deep cuts that would ordinarily pass you by. 

Listen to DJ Wax on RTE Pulse // Every Saturday, 9pm – 10pm 

Music Genre: RnB, Hip Hop, House, Afrobeats, Latin, EDM, Reggae, Dancehall, Charts & Top 40 








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