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Callyann Brennan

Callyann Brennan here.


My show on Pulse is full of the best urban and pop music songs both current and past. I’ll fill your ears with these
headbopping tunes as well as having all the bonding banter throughout.


I’m curious and slightly nosy so I love knowing all the weird and wonderful facts about the artist I’m playing as well as current pop culture so you’ll be sure to get your random entertainment fix in my entertainment roundup segment.

I love everything radio and media, that’s why I decided to study it in college and bag myself a media production management degree to help in knowing all aspects of this crazy industry.


Music is what makes the world go round right? All genres of music I love but that was mainly down to growing up in a family home that adored all music. I grew up knowing and loving music from the Beatles to the Rolling stones to Diddy to Christy Moore.


As you can imagine, our family car journeys were lit! No genre escaped.
Working in night clubs and promoting local artists that performed in them helped in growing my love for Irish artists. We have so many amazing musicians in Ireland, that’s why I adore working on Pulse so much.


We encourage and applaud rising Irish talent and I’ve been lucky enough to chat to some of these on my show (be sure to check our Facebook page for the videoed interviews).


So, if you’re heading out on a Friday with the amigos, chilling in with your dogs or just managing to scrape by the last few hours of work, I’m your girl to help. I’m Live on air every Friday 2 – 4 pm.

Callyann chats to Uppbeat

29th April 2019

UppBeat With CallyThe ever busy and hardworking Uppbeat came thru the studio to chat with Cally about his upcoming show and new EP. Check it out below!!Posted [...]