Simon Palmer has been presenting Back2Basics since 2012. Originally from England, Simon has been involved in the dance music scene since the acid house era, attending the legendary Hacienda in its heyday and helping organise warehouse parties in the North West of England. Later he was involved pirate radio station Ice FM and has deejayed across Ireland, the UK and Continental Europe.  


Until the end of 2018 Back2Basics was an all vinyl show, but is now fully digital. Simon says changing formats was the best thing he’s done:


“I should’ve done it ages ago. It means I can now play the latest tracks. I’m signed up to the best promo-lists, so I get brand new music sometimes months before they’re officially released. So RTÉ Pulse’s listeners know they can hear the best new music here first, before any other station.” 

//Back2Basics – Wednesdays at 11pm on RTÉ Pulse//


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