Back2Basics’s listen back links for March and April 2018


7th March, 2018.!rii=b23_10846329_16585_07-03-2018_

14th March, 2018.!rii=b23_10848522_16585_14-03-2018_

21st March, 2018.!rii=b23_10851463_16585_21-03-2018_

28th March 2018.!rii=b23_10854131_16585_28-03-2018_

4th April, 2018.!rii=b23_10858875_16585_04-04-2018_

11th April, 2018.!rii=b23_10859313_16585_11-04-2018_

18th April, 2018.!rii=b23_10863352_16585_18-04-2018_

25th April, 2018.!rii=b23_10867256_16585_25-04-2018_

About Back2Basics

Acid House veteran Simon Palmer presents an eclectic mix of old skool house classics, trance anthems, acid house memories, forgotten gems, remixes, rare rave, unknown vinyl, as well as brand new vinyl, future classics and the out-of-the-ordinary, all go to make the eclectic cocktail that is Back2Basics. Only one thing is certain each and every week, that is that the show is 100% live and all the music is played on good old vinyl. Ireland’s only national all vinyl radio show, on RTE Pulse, Ireland’s only national dance music station. Low on chat and high on music, check out Back2Basics.

In the Shazam era there’s no need to interrupt the music to announce who records are by, so this show is high on tempo and low on chatter. But if you need to double-check what the records played were, then just drop Simon a message on via any of his social media links below.

Want to listen to any of the previous shows from this year? Or even earlier. Just click here.

Back2Basics is Ireland’s only surviving all vinyl national radio show. It airs every live every Wednesday evening at 11pm until midnight. Follow Simon Palmer on Twitter via simonjohnpalmer; the Back2Basics Facebook page and you can also catch him on Snapchat as @palmer-simon, or his Instragram.



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