Wave Culture Every Friday 12pm – 2pm

Every Friday 12pm-2pm

Every Friday 12pm-2pm

Wave Culture 

(Every Friday 12pm-2pm) with Emman Idama & Shannon Keenan

First of all we got playing the best in urban Music.

Also Emman Idama

Bring you Front Page News:Get to know whats going on with all your favourite rappers and album release dates, tour dates and more. 

Spanner of The Week:- picks out one person that has done something to ridiculous I have to give them a shout out.

Shannon Keenan

Gossip:- will be informing us about who is getting married and probably which which celebrity broke up so that she can get her hands on them.

In addition she will helping everyone with there problem in Shannon Can Help in conclusion we have

Freaky Friday

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