Back2Basics with Simon Palmer – playback link to all July’s shows

Ireland's only national vinyl show.


Acid House veteran Simon Palmer presents an eclectic mix of old skool house classics, trance anthems, acid house memories, forgotten gems, remixes, rare rave, unknown vinyl and the out-of-the-ordinary, all go to make the eclectic cocktail that is Back2Basics. Only one thing is certain each and every week, that is that the show is 100% live and all the music is played on good old vinyl. Ireland’s only national all vinyl radio show, on RTE Pulse, Ireland’s only national dance music station. Low on chat and high on music, check out this month’s Back2Basics.

In the Shazam era you can normally know the record before it has even finished playing, so there’s no need for me to interrupt the music by announcing what the records are. Though a lot of the records I play are quite obscure and may not be on the Shazam database, so if you need to know a record, or just want to double-check Shazam, as it can get a lot or records wrong, then just drop me a Tweet on @simonprepublic and I’ll let you know what it is.

6th July

This week’s show started with rare trip hop by Rob Dougan, and included gay anthems, house anthems, piano anthems, club anthems, CREAM anthems and Italo classics. What’s not to love?

Click here to listen to this week’s show.

13th July

Groove Armada’s renowned collaboration with Richie Havens kicked off the show and what better way to follow it up than Paul Oakenfold’s remix of Afrika Bambaataa’s legendary Planet Rock. The rare NJoi 12″ of their live show also got a run out.  As did records from Spooky, Hardfloor, and a few old school trance and techno classics to finish the show.

Click here to listen to this week’s show.

20th July

Today’s show featured a lot of rare but exquisite dance music records. The show opened with one of my favourite Irish producers Rory Phillips and also featured The Rapture, The Eurythmics, a couple of new 12″s from the brilliant German label Kompact, and many more gems.

Click here to listen to this week’s show.

27th July

One of my favourite albums out recently is ‘Trails’ by Irish emigrant Mano Le Tough and one so the reasons is the track: I See Myself In You – what a great title too! The rest of the show included similarly great modern and classic progressive house  from Adriatique, Tilt and Sasha (played intentionally at the wrong speed).

Click here to listen to this week’s show.

About Back2Basics

Back2Basics is Ireland’s only surviving all vinyl national radio show. It airs every live every Wednesday evening at 11pm until midnight. To follow Simon Palmer on Twitter go to @simonprepublic, on Facebook go to Back2BasicsDublin and @palmer-simon on Snapchat.

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