This week’s Back2Basics with Simon Palmer


old school vinyl show

Live at RTE HQ down in the digital bunker.

An eclectic mix of old skool progressive house classics, forgotten gems, remixes, rare vinyl and the out-of-the-ordinary, all go to make the eclectic cocktail that is Back2Basics. Only one thing is certain each and every week, that is that the show is 100% live and all the music is played on vinyl. Ireland’s only national all vinyl radio show on RTE Pulse, Ireland’s only national dance music station. Low on chat and high on music, check out this week’s Back2Basics below.

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DJ Shadow ‘Lost and Found’

Bomb The Bass ‘Beat Dis’

Krush ‘House Arrest’

Art Of Mix ‘Master Brass (Summer Mix)’

Kid’N’Play ‘2 Hype (House Instrumental)’

Clubhouse ‘Deep In My Heart (American 12″)’

Back To Basics ‘Mam-Kossa (Main Mix)’

Sade ‘By Your Side (Ben Watt Lazy Dog Remix)’

Boston Bruins ‘Raise Your Hands’

About Back2Basics

Back2Basics is Ireland’s only national dance music show made entirely with vinyl 12″ records. It airs every Wednesday evening at 11pm until midnight. To follow Simon Palmer go to @simonprepublic on Twitter and @palmer-simon on Snapchat.

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