Back2Basics with SIMON (4th November, 2015) – old school progressive house classics

Simon Palmer Simon Palmer vinyl D.J pictured in thr RTE studios. Pic. Bryan Meade

old school vinyl show

Old school progressive house classics, forgotten gems, remixes, rare vinyl and the out-of-the-ordinary, all go to make the eclectic cocktail that is Back2Basics. Only one thing is certain each and every week, that is that the show is 100% live and completely made using vinyl. Ireland’s only national all vinyl radio show. Low on chat and high on music, check out this week’s Back2Basics below.

This week was heavy on the progressive house classics with some beauties from renowned labels Limbo and Cowboy Records. As well as some underground classics from played by the legendary DJs of the progressive house scene back in the nineties and early noughties.

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This week’s records

Havanna ‘Schtoom’ (Kuba Mix)

Ready For Dead ‘Ready For Dead’

Sono Lakota ‘Ice & Acid’

‘Larry’s Theme’ aka ‘Carnival’

2 For Joy ‘In A State’ (Mixed Emotion)

Killahurtz ‘West On 27th’

M.U.M. ‘Love Fx’

Schiller ‘Ruhe’ (Humate Remix) – Ruhe is German for quiet.

The spoken words of the ‘Rhue’ are  the poem “Über die Einsamkeit” which was written by Swiss philosophical writer Johann Georg Zimmermann (1728-1795). The poem is in German: Ruhe, das höchste Glück auf Erden, kommt sehr oft nur durch Einsamkeit in das Herz.

This translates into English as: “Peacefulness, the greatest happiness on earth, comes very often only through solitude into the heart.”

In this track the poem is spoken by German actor and voice actor Benjamin Völz.


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