Listen Back – The Digital Groove 7th of September 2015 with Full Playlist


Our very first Digital Groove from the Brand new Digital Bunker (dB) in RTE Radio centre.
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The Digital Groove 7th September 2015

9pm – 10pm

1.Etu Beats ft Rona Ray – Only Between Us {tumdawg productions cdr}

2.Faith Howard – One Day At A Time (Soulbridge Classic Mix) {kingdom cdr}

3.Jarrod Lawson – Sleepwalkers (Opolopo Remix) {dome records cdr}

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4.Wipe The Needle ft Alex Lattimore – Did You Ever (Original Mix){slapped up soul cdr}

5.Tony Momrelle – Back Together Again (Opolopo Remix) {reel people cdr}

6.K-One & Mojere ft Kele B – My Time, Our Time (Lilac Jeans Vocal Remix) {lilac jeans cdr}

7.Guido P ft Elan Noelle – I’m Here For You (Salento Soul Remix) {hsr cdr}

8.Speakerheads ft Emma Harrop – Courage (Original Mix) {atonal measure cdr}

9.Guri Guri Boys ft N’dea Davenport – Touch The Sky (Namy Remix) {king street cdr}

10.Chaos ft Ce Ce Peniston – Believe (Full Intention Vocal Mix) {treehouse tribe cdr}

10pm – 11pm

1.Renato Falaschi ft Brian Lucas – The Bottle (Booker T Vocal Mix) {map dance cdr}

2.The Jersey Maestros ft Anthony M Johnson – Move On (Spiritual Blessings Deep Mix) {gotta keep faith cdr}

3.Dan Rubell – Good Mood (DJ Fopp Remix) {purple tracks}

4.Paul Rudder – My House {good for you records cdr}

5.Jay Vegas – Say To Ya (Tommy Vercetti Remix) {hot stuff cdr}

6.Appt 829 – Get Down (Original Mix) {poolside recordings cdr}

7.Okugo ft Matt Henry – Don’t Waste Your Time(Jeremy Sylvester Vocal Remix)[urban dubz cdr}

8.JC Unique –Together (86 Deep Remix) [unique 2 rhythm cdr}

9.State Unknown – Give Yourself {state unknown cdr}

10.Siege – Crunk {azuli cdr}

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