Listen back to this week’s Back2Basics (24.6.2015) – old skool, nu skool and future classics.

110% vinyl live from the RTE studios in Dublin every Wednesday at 11pm.


old school vinyl show

Back2Basics is old skool, nu skool and future classics. Presented by Simon, the show airs every Wednesday at 11pm until 12am. It is RTE’s, and Ireland’s, only radio show where the music is 100% vinyl each and every week. Simon says he’s “the only DJ stubborn enough to persist with carrying in a big bag of records to RTE every week” and he is!


1. Kiasmos ‘Bent’ – from the brilliant new album by the Icelandic duo here is a review in The Irish Times.

2. Kolletiv Turmstrasse ‘Hour After Hour’

3. Steve Huerta ‘Say It Wasn’t (Locked Groove Remix)

4. Michael Cassette ‘Fox And A Shooting Star’

5. Leoni and Andrew K ‘Next To Me (Steve Mill Remix)’

6. Cuba Computers ‘Haunting Me (Chus Ceballos Vocal Mix)’ – this track is just too brilliant for words.

7. Hawk ‘Need For Cognition (Planisphere Remix)’ – great remix of a progressive old skool classic.

8 Blue Amazon ‘Hyper Sleep’ – Finishing with Blue Amazon’s now legendary first ever record, this is classic old skool.

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