Back2Basics (3/6/2015)

The weekly classics' show that's all vinyl.

The Happy Mondays ‘Hallelujah’ (Deadstock Mix)

Mukkaa ‘Buruchacca’ (Main Mix)

Mint Royale ‘Sexiest Man In Jamaica (Dub)

PQM ‘You Are Sleeping’ (PGM’s Deephead Pass)

Trickle ‘Incarnate’ (Tucks Medicated Mix)

Vernons Wonderland ‘Vernons Wonderland’ (Carl Cox’s Full Mix)

Mother’s Pride ‘Learning To Fly’

Christian West ‘Eterna’ (Main Mix)

The Shaker ‘Star’ (Canyon Remix)

Playback link – Click this link, you know you want to, it contains magic 🙂

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